One Stop Permit Center

The City of Merced has made tremendous strides to streamline the development process.  The result is further reductions in already short permit time frames.

The City's One-Stop Permit Center, incorporating Planning, Engineering and Inspection Services, is available to assist you with all development permits, including planning, zoning, environmental and others.  Economic Development Staff will serve as your One-Stop Permit Center liasion to ensure a smooth process.

Planning and Zoning Permits:  Shortened Permit Processes

All large scale projects such as Industrial and Commercial projects are subject to the Site Plan Review application process.  The Site Plan Review application process is performed at the staff level.  Complete applications can be processed by staff within 14 days.

Building Permit: Plan Check Comments in 2 Weeks or Less

The City guarantees plan check comments for building construction back in two (2) weeks, and it will be done even faster if possible.  Building permit review can be processed concurrently with the Site Plan Review application.

Pre-Design and Construction Meeting:  A critical component to the success of any projects requiring construction is a pre-design and construction meeting with the appropriate City staff and construction team.  Participants share rules and regulations, ideas and concerns setting the foundation for an efficient and timely plan check and construction process.

 Electronic Plan Check

Electronic plan checks are available for your covenience.

Smooth Development Process

The Merced City Council will dedicate the necessary staff resources to help companies desiring to invest in the community, construct and open on schedule.  The Economic Development staff is your liaison to local, state and federal regulators and permitting authorities.