Inventing California's Future

Affordability, a strategic California location, and an available and productive labor force appeal to companies looking at Merced as a home base. Merced offers a welcoming attitude, motivation, flexibility, and a spirit of cooperation. With these characteristics, Merced is a fine place to do business.

Merced is a rapidly growing city that has traditionally relied on its agricultural base, combined with light industry and a role as the regional center for trade and services.  Merced's population is very diverse and one of the youngest in the nation.

UC Merced's presence in the community introduces significant economic opportunity for Merced, as well as the possibility of profound community change.  Merced is well prepared for this change with community planning and infrastructure systems.

The City of Merced team is dedicated to assuring that all incoming business and expansion projects are turned around in a timely manner.  Permits have been turned around in as little as 1 week.

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Economic Incentives

Merced offers a wide variety of public and private development incentives that could make the move to California’s Heartland even more attractive to your investors.

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