Leading Industries

Leader in Value Added Food Processing

The success of food processors already located here, coupled with our location in California's Ag-rich Central Valley, is reason enough to start looking at Merced. But Merced stands out amongst other California locations in several ways:

  • Proximity to raw and primary processed goods
  • Access to key North-South and East-West routes
  • Research and testing facilities
  • Waste water capacity and cost savings
  • Competitive energy costs and high reliability


Agriculture in Merced County Quick Facts
  • 6th Largest Ag County in the United States
  • 5th Largest Ag County in the State of California
  • Nearly $3 Billion generated in Annual Production

Top 5 Crops

  • Milk
  • Chickens
  • Almonds
  • Cattle and Calves
  • Sweet Potatoes

Access to World Class Processed Foods

  • Hilmar Cheese
  • E&J Gallo Winery
  • Joseph Gallo Farms
  • J. Marchini Farms
  • Buchanan Hollow Nut



Merced is located in the center of California's large and growing solar market.  Unique to our area is UC Merced's leadership in solar energy research - providing world-class expertise and a trained workforce for product development.

  • Large market in sun-soaked California
  • California solar initiatives spurring demand
  • Solar energy research at UC Merced
  • Established local installation service industry
  • Lower production costs

Research and Innovation at UC Merced

UC Merced officially opened in 2005 and has already made a mark in the alternative energy field through research and practical application.

UC Merced is the greenest campus in the world.  All buildings are certified at least LEED Silver, and many LEED Platinum.  The campus is powered in part by 1MW solar system.  The University has a, "Triple Zero Commitment" to reduce energy usage, generate renewable power and offset greenhouse gas emissions.

UC Merced Energy Research Institute

Led by Roland Winston, a leading solar power researcher, the institute's solar research areas include:

  • Solar Forecasting
  • Optoelectronics
  • Solar Concentration
  • Nanotechnology


Solar Energy Incentives
California Solar Initiative - The State of California offers rebates to residents and businesses for solar installations, www.gosolarcalifornia.ca.gov.
Sales Tax Exemption - California sales tax is exempted on the purchase of green technology manufacturing equipment.
Local Installation Rebate - Merced Irrigation District's Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Buy Down Program offers up to $8,400.00 per residential and $70,000.00 per commercial installation, www.mercedid.org/solarprogram.
Wells Fargo "Sale Leaseback" - A partnership between Sun Power and Wells Fargo relieves consumers of the up front cost of solar installation.  UC Merced was the first funded project.