Industry Associations and Resources

Industry Associations / Resources
Business Information and Support
Agency/Phone                       Programs and Services
(603) 658-0340
Global resource network for small business
California Chamber of Commerce
(916) 444-6670
Grow California fosters jobs and wealth creation by connecting innovative entrepreneurs, growth companies and market leaders with capital, talent, academia, customers, and partners
California Small Business Association
(310) 642-0838
Export helpline available to members, insurance and retirement plans, business advocacy in state and federal government
(619) 258-3670
The Connectory® Network is a nationwide, Web-Based Buyer-Supplier Network that provides:
  • A unique way to connect with companies and other assets by understanding their capabilities
  • Powerful means for government, large company, and institutional buyers to identify sources of products, services, technologies, capabilities, and capacities
  • Detailed capabilities and capacities for companies at every level of the supply chain
  • Focus on manufacturing/technology companies and their supplier chain including wholesalers/logistics, technical services, construction, agribusiness, and mining
  • Showcase for tens of thousands of US companies at NO COST to them
  • Geocoding and interactive mapping feature for locating assets/resources
  • Internet speed/powerful search engine combined with in-depth company database
  • Commitment to usability, coverage, quality, and continual updating distinguishes it from any other available database
  • IT platform on which Communities of Interest (COI) can segment the Connectory database within Portals, specified by geography, industry, or other COI criteria
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Business-to-Business Networking

Greater Merced Chamber of Commerce

Merced County Chamber of Commerce

Merced Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

All 3 Merced Chambers of Commerce areas of service are:
  • Networking and Promotion
  • Community Promotion
  • Representing Business Before Government
  • Business Training
  • Issue Advocacy
  •  Business networking and job recruitment website
Ryze Business Networking
  • Business networking and job recruitment website
  • Members get a free networking-oriented home page and can send messages to other members.
  • They can also join special Networks related to their industry, interests or location.
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