The City of Merced and its surrounding areas provide an abundant and productive labor force, including both skilled and unskilled workers, at very reasonable wage rates. True to the area’s agricultural roots, these workers tend to be hard working and loyal, resulting in low turnover rates for local employers.  Businesses locating in Merced can reduce the costs of recruiting, screening and training employees by taking advantage of several available programs through WorkNet of Merced County. 

Companies relocating or expanding to Merced have always enjoyed a high applicant to job opening ration. In one case over 3,000 applications were received for a new business hiring 40 positions. Merced is well known for assisting companies with their staffing needs.

Merced County Employment
Civilian Labor Force 104,600
Civilian Employment 86,900
Civilian Unemployment 17,600
Civilian Unemployment Rate 16.9%
State of California Unemployment Rate 10.9%
Source: State of California Employment Development Department, (


Educational Attainment of Population over 25 Years of Age 
Years of School Completed Total              
Less than High School 28.7%
High School 26.5%
Some College 19.9%
Associate's Degree 8.2%
Bachelor's Degree 10.2%
Graduate/ Professional 6.6%

Employment Taxes and Mandated Benefits
Tax /Benefit Rate / Basis Administering Agency
Disability Insurance 1.2% of wages up to $86,698 (employee paid via withholding) Employment Development Department
Employment Training Tax 0.1% of first $7,000 payroll per employee Employment Development Department
Unemployment Insurance 1.5% to 6.2% of first $7,000 payroll per employee based on employer's experience; rate for new employer is 3.4% Employment Development Department
Workers' Compensation Based on payroll and occupation Department of Industrial Relations
Family Leave Employees covered by Disability Insurance (see above) are eligible for up to six weeks of paid family leave to care for seriously ill child, spouse, parent or domestic partner, or to bond with a new minor child. Disability Insurance is paid by employees. Employment Development Department
Source: California Employment Development Department, 2011 California Employer's Guide (DE-44), ( (September 2011)