The City of Merced is well-equipped to provide support services for its expanding business and residential population. City residents have come to expect the high-quality services that contribute to the overall livability of the area.

Power and Natural Gas

The recent deregulation of the electric power industry in California insures that customers have choices, generally resulting in lower rates. Merced has both a major regional provider as well as a locally-owned public utility. Pacific Gas and Electric provides a wide variety of pricing options, competitive industrial rates, financial incentives, economic and financial analysis, and assistance with facility siting. Merced Irrigation District has recently undertaken an initiative to provide low-cost electric power to Merced, particularly industrial and commercial users. PG & E provides natural gas throughout Merced.

Power Providers 
Name/Phone Services

Pacific Gas and Electric 

(209) 726-6141

electric power, natural gas

Merced Irrigation District


electric power

Water and Sewer
All domestic and industrial water is supplied by the City of Merced. The water source is groundwater and the current maximum pumping capacity is 57.6 million gallons per day (MGD). Average demand is 21.5 MGD, so water production capacity is available. The long-term water supply outlook for Merced is excellent with adequate sources available for growth.

The capacity of Merced’s wastewater (sewage) treatment plant is 12 MGD.  The Wastewater Treatment Plant is undergoing an upgrade and will eventually have a capacity of 20 MGD by the time all upgrades are completed. Costs for sewer connections vary, based on the physical installation of pipe and strength of flow.

On July 1, 2010, City Council approved a decrease in sewer rates.  Read more about it here.

AT&T serves Merced with a highly sophisticated telecommunications network. State-of-the-art 5ESS switching equipment provides the most modern digital features, including Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) capability for simultaneous voice and data transmission. In addition, Pacific Bell has placed fiber optic facilities in Merced’s downtown business district and other strategic locations to serve the City’s current and future telecommunications needs.

Additionally, US Sprint supplies 100% digital fiber to Merced. Cellular telephone service is provided by AT&T, Verizion, Sprint, etc...